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Weekend Getaways from Chennai


The windswept Shore Temple is a sight worth catching on the water’s edge. Mahabs is known for the Five Rathas (sculptured temples in the shape of chariots) and Arjun’s Penance (huge carvings on a rock depicting scenes from the Mahabharata).

From Chennai : 52 km
Traveling Time : 1:00 hrs


The major attractions of the place are the beach, the Dutch cemetery, Fort, church and particularly the bird sanctuary where a variety of migratory birds reside. Between December and January, the Tourism Board organizes the Flamingo festival when thousands of the bird species align on the swampy regions of the Pulicat Lake.

From Chennai : 55 km
Traveling Time : 1:10 hrs


onsidered the city of thousand temples, Kanchipuram has temples that stand proof of the Dravidian legacy left behind some of which are Ekambareswarar, Kamakshi Amman, Devarajaswami and Kailasanathar.

From Chennai : 72 km
Traveling Time : 1:45 hrs


One of the richest pilgrimage centres of any religion and regarded as the most visited temple in the world, TirumalaTirupatiDevasthanam is where you must stop at when in Tirupati.

From Chennai : 135 km
Traveling Time : 2:30 hrs


A monument of National importance and a noted tourist attraction, Vellore Fort marks as one of the most prominent landmarks in the city. Within the fort are the ancient Jalakanteswara Temple and the epic State Government Museum.

From Chennai : 136 km
Traveling Time : 2:30 hrs


There are several sights of tourist interest in Pondy. The first that comes to mind is the French Quarter, a quaint little neighbourhood laced with cobbled streets, white and mustard romantic colonial buildings.

From Chennai : 161 km
Traveling Time : 2:30 hrs


Sightseeing and bird watching are the prominent activities enjoyed by tourists here.

From Chennai : 177 km
Traveling Time : 3:00 hrs


Yelagiri is for those seeking an easy-paced holiday away from the madness of the city. Perhaps the signature landmark of the place is the Punganoor artificial lake-cum-park where tourists can enjoy a walk or some boating.

From Chennai : 227 km
Traveling Time : 3:30 hrs


Tourists love to indulge in sightseeing when in Tranquebar because of its rich colonial heritage.

From Chennai : 283 km
Traveling Time : 4:00 hrs


Enjoy camping, sightseeing as well as trekking up in the hills of Yercaud as you discover its little-known natural treasures.

From Chennai : 358 km
Traveling Time : 5:50 hrs

Nandi Hills

Cycling and trekking are celebrated activities as visitors love exploring through the depths and landscapes of these hills. Bird watching is another loved activity tourist cannot get enough of.

From Chennai : 358 km
Traveling Time : 6:30 hrs


Sightseeing and royal walk tours are the most cherished activities tourists like to indulge in when in Mysore.

From Chennai : 480 km
Traveling Time : 6:35 hrs

BR Hills

Trekking, bird watching, jungle safari, mountain biking and wildlife photography within the forest premises are some of the activities one can look forward to when visiting this hill station.

From Chennai : 505 km
Traveling Time : 7:30 hrs


Apart from rowing down the Berijam Lake and going on walks in the parks, one can indulge in a bit of trekking as they head to the various viewpoints here.

From Chennai : 518 km
Traveling Time : 7:20 hrs


As obvious as it is, tourists in Meghamalai love spending a considerable amount of their time sightseeing around this gorgeous destination.

From Chennai : 578 km
Traveling Time : 9:30 hrs


Boating and sightseeing are the activities tourists love to indulge in when here.

From Chennai : 500 km
Traveling Time : 8:25 hrs


Due to the rich cultural heritage of the place, sightseeing the most indulgent activity here.

From Chennai : 553 km
Traveling Time : 8:00 hrs


Adventure aficionados will love the 20-seater motorboat rides and Government-run jungle safaris that keep the entertainment going in the park.

From Chennai : 557 km
Traveling Time : 8:20 hrs


Due to its verdant environs, it makes an ideal place to pitch your camps or go trekking. The Kabinibackwaters are a perfect camping site that allows you to unwind and enjoy the pristine surroundings.

From Chennai : 558 km
Traveling Time : 8:40 hrs


The most favourite activity here are the elephant rides around the wildlife reserve. Second to that are the plantation rides. What follows them are boat rides on Periyar Lake and trekking.

From Chennai : 561 km
Traveling Time : 6:20 hrs


One can go trekking to explore the captivating magnificence of Mudumalai. Early morning wildlife safaris that take one into the depths of the woods are another favourite.

From Chennai : 562 km
Traveling Time : 7:40 hrs


Jeep safaris are what everybody opts for when here. 2 hours of this safari around the untouched areas of the reserve during dawn and dusk and you will be coming face to face with the wildlife at its best. From tigers, elephants, deer to wild boars, langurs and peacocks, you will see them all.

From Chennai : 562 km
Traveling Time : 8:00 hrs


The paradise of Munnar attracts tourists all over with its lush environs, lakes, waterfalls, forests that offer some spectacular flora.

From Chennai : 575 km
Traveling Time : 7:30 hrs

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